A Beautiful Mash Up of Vintage and The Divine

Gayl, your jewelry artisan, was born in Houston, Texas by way of Spanish Town, Jamaica, but Cali raised me. I specialize in making bold statements. I create for my own eclectic style and aesthetic, with the intent of appealing to like minded vibes. My pieces are not for the faint of heart or the minimalist (though I do throw in some simple versatility from time to time). If your intent is to catch eyes, turn heads and start conversations with your jewelry, I'm your girl!  I am a self-taught jewelry artisan. Creating eye-catching wearable art that has metaphysical healing properties is one of my greatest passions. I work primarily with copper wire, natural crystals and stones, and shells. What pairs better with a decadent hand-forged crystal delicacy better than a beautiful piece of vintage loveliness?! Vintage clothing has the amazing benefit of not only being quality crafted (I mean, imagine the quality needed for a piece of clothing to sustain 20+ years of use!) AND rare, but add on top of that the fact that buying vintage is hella green and environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion has a huge impact on keeping clothing out of landfills, it's like a win-win. Vintage is Bae.